How to Create a Game App

You might have had a good idea for a game app, checked the market and saw that similar ideas are excelling well, but you have never programmed an app before. What’s a wannabe app developer to do?

Rather than waiting months to several years to take an app programming course, you’re faced with two options; you could hire the word out to someone else, or you could purchase a drag-and-build software that will make it easy. Of course, there’s pros and cons to each of these decisions. For this article, we’re going to take an in-depth look at what’s involved when you hire a programmer to develop your app for you.

How to Create a Game App

Coming Up With App Ideas

If you’re developing a game app, you may want to consider developing a storyboard. Make sure you measure the exact dimensions of your smart phone screen, so you can better visualize your idea. If you keep this replica in mind during the entire process of the app development, you shouldn’t run into any problems later.

After you’ve developed your replica, try visualizing and maybe drawing out what each page or function of your app will look like, and do.

While developing your app, you need to consider the graphics for your game app. Take as much time as you need when deciding on this piece of the puzzle; you want to make sure your graphics are crisp and professional looking, but you also want to have an idea of how they’ll look as well. Do you have a specific end product in mind or are you open to the idea of letting a developer take over with this part? How you answer is critical to your app development process.

Finding a Programmer

So you’ve determined or at least have a very basic idea of what you think you want your app to look like. Now what? Now, it’s time to a programmer. This process can take as long as you want, but the idea is to collect as many quotes from as many programmers as possible. You can try scouring the web for “app developers”, or you can even reach out to freelance community sites such as Freelancer or Odesk. The benefits of hiring or interviewing programmers from this site is you get to see how they’re rated from other clients who might have asked for similar projects as yours. Pay attention to their ratings, and if in doubt, be sure to read any reviews from previous customers. This can help clue you in to whether or not you will have a successful business relationship.

Once you’ve found your programmer, it’s time to discuss payment terms. If you hired a programmer from one of the above mentioned freelance sites, chances are the money will be held in escrow and paid to the programmer, only after they have finished the project and you have approved it. This protects both the buyer and the seller. If you didn’t hire a programmer from a freelance site, then you and the programmer will need to reach some kind of mutual agreement. This oftentimes signing a contract. When considering payment, determine whether or not you will be paying the programmer a percentage of the profits earned from the app, the project cost itself, or on a per hour basis.


Once you both have agreed on the project and what it entails, you need to determine how it’s best to reach other. The programmer may need to ask you a couple of questions while they’re working on your app, amok it easy for them to get ahold of you.

Managing the Project

You’ve found your programmer, signed the agreements and contracts, now it’s time to monitor the progress. Be careful with this part, there’s no need to be breathing down your programmer’s neck on a constant basis. Checking in with the programmer every couple of days should be sufficient enough for you to get an idea of how the project is coming along.

Testing the Game

The programmer gets back to you and informs you that your app is completed. It’s time to take it for a test drive. Surely there’s nothing more exciting than seeing your visualization come to life. What’s the best way to test your app? Opinions will vary, but in general; you’ll want to test the app yourself and possibly get some input from others as well. Consider asking your friends or family for help with this.

How Much To Sell the Game For

This will be completely dependent on how you intend to profit from your app. Are you going to flip it on a site such as Flippa? Or are you intent on keeping the app for yourself, but earning royalties from it? Be sure to consider both carefully, as they both have pros and cons. Typical price models for game apps range from $.99 to $2.00 or more. Don’t forget to appeal to your target market by offering either a free trial or a free version. It’s still possible to profit from the free version by displaying ads on the game interface.


Congratulations on the creation of your game app. If you’re anything like us, this will plant a seed that will encourage you to want to build even more apps. The next time you think of having an app built for you, we hope that you’ll think of us.